Chrono Clicker

Xcessity's Chrono Clicker is a free software tool which automates mouse button clicks. It makes mouse clicks possible without any physical buttons to press. The combination of any pointing device and Chrono Clicker allows for complete mouse control.


Chrono Clicker automates mouse button clicks without the need of pressing any physical button. As soon as you are able to control the mouse cursor position on screen Chrono Clicker gives you full functionality of a 3 button mouse. For positioning the mouse cursor any pointing device can be used.

Pointing Devices

Chrono Clicker works in combination with any pointing device. Possibilities are:

  • – mouse and track ball
  • – pen tablet
  • – eye tracker
  • – head pointing device
  • – touch sreen or touch pad
  • – joystick
  • – movement controllers


  • – fully customizeable in orientation and size
  • – different icon style sets for Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • – live feedback of timers at the mouse cursor position
  • – adjustable timings for dwell timers
  • – adjustable tolerance area for compensating unintentional movements
  • – autohide of gui elements for more screen space


Version 1.0.2 (October 16th 2013)

– fixed missing dll issue that occured on some systems
– fixed layout issue in settings window when desktop is zoomed 1.25x

Version 1.0.1 (September 30th 2013)

– improved timer reset detection
– timer bar is not displayed if no action is selected

Version 1.0 (September 18th 2013)

– intial release

Download Chrono Clicker for free

Step 1:

Enter your E-Mail address:

Step 2:

Click download and install the Chrono Clicker.

Our Intentions

We decided to provide Chrono Clicker free of charge for several reasons. We think that this tool can be a great help for a lot of people and it should be accessible for anyone.

Since we are a very young company we want to get the word spread about Xcessity. Additionally we also want to have a chance to get in contact with you and send you informal messages about Xcessity. Of course you can cancel the message subscribtion at any time.

We will not:
– share your e-mail adress with anyone
– send information unrelated to Xcessity
– send more than one message per month

Terms and Conditions

By downloading and/or installing Chrono Clicker you accept that you provide a valid e-mail address and allow Xcessity to write messages to the given adress. You are allowed to install and use Chrono Clicker at most on 3 different systems which are your personal property. You are not allowed to download Chrono Clicker for others or share your personal Chrono Clicker licence with others.

By revoking the the right from Xcessity to send you any further messages to the provided e-mail address also the licence for Chrono Clicker is expired. You are obliged to uninstall Chrono Clicker and stop using the software. Xcessity withholds the right to revoke any Chrono Clicker licence at any time without specifying any further reasons. We are not responsible for any possible damage or loss of data caused by Chrono Clicker.